Green Lion Folding Laptop Stand 7 level Adjustments

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The Green Lion Folding Laptop Stand is a portable and adjustable stand designed to hold laptops and provide ergonomic support. It offers seven levels of adjustment, allowing you to find the most comfortable viewing angle and height for your laptop.

The stand is foldable, which makes it easy to carry and store. It is typically made of lightweight materials such as aluminum or plastic, ensuring durability while remaining lightweight for portability.



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  • Adjustable Height: The stand should offer multiple height levels to accommodate different user preferences and ensure ergonomic positioning.

  • Portable and Foldable Design: A folding laptop stand is typically designed to be compact and easily foldable for convenient transportation and storage.

  • Sturdy Construction: It should be built with durable materials like aluminum or high-quality plastic to ensure stability and support for the laptop.

  • Non-Slip Surface: The stand should have a non-slip surface or grips to prevent the laptop from sliding or moving during use.

  • Cooling and Ventilation: Many laptop stands incorporate openings or raised platforms to enhance airflow around the laptop, helping to prevent overheating.

  • Cable Management: Some stands include cable management features to keep your cables organized and prevent them from tangling.

  • Compatibility: The stand should be suitable for a range of laptop sizes and models, accommodating different screen sizes and weights.

  • Easy Adjustment: The stand should have a user-friendly adjustment mechanism that allows for quick and effortless height or angle adjustments.

  • Weight Capacity: The stand should clearly indicate its weight capacity to ensure it can safely support your laptop's weight.

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Manufacturer Green Lion
Color White
Condition New
Connectivity Wireless
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Green Lion Folding Laptop Stand 7 level Adjustments