About us

With the growth of the telecommunications sector in Nigeria, the smartphone market has more than doubled in size each year with the top ten GSM penetration growth rate Nigeria commands. Obiwezy Enterprises has been a leading recommerce company, arguably the biggest in Nigeria. With 3 physical stores and shipment network all over Nigeria, Obiwezy Enterprises is poised to deliver more smartphones and gadgets to the Nigerian and international populace.

Obiwezy Enterprises prides itself over years of establishment and customer satisfaction. This has made us the top-notch premium smartphone seller in the whole of Nigeria.

We are passionate about delivering quality goods to you. We treat you like a brother, goes the tagline OBIWEZY IS YOUR GUY! This is because we are the only seller that offers a warranty on used phones yet in Nigeria. So when next you need any gadget, accessories, phones, computers; Obiwezy Enterprises is your guy next door.