Dobe Charging Dock for PS5 Controller

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Dobe Charging dock is specially designed for charging P-5 controllers, which can quickly charge 2 P-5 controllers simultaneously. The product indicator shows the charging status with red and green lights; the controller indicator in the front panel is in red during charging, and in green if fully charged or without controllers.

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  • Dual Charging: The dock has two charging ports that allow you to charge two PS5 controllers at the same time.

  • LED Indicator: The dock has an LED light indicator that shows the charging status of the controllers. It turns red when the controllers are charging and blue when they are fully charged.

  • Fast Charging: The dock has a fast charging feature that allows you to charge your PS5 controllers quickly.

  • Compact Design: The dock has a compact design that makes it easy to carry and store.

  • Anti-Skid Design: The dock has an anti-skid design that prevents the controllers from slipping while they are being charged.

  • Easy to Use: The dock is easy to use, just connect it to a power source and place your PS5 controllers on the charging ports.

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Manufacturer Dobe
Color Black/White
Condition New
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